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Chernobyl [2016]

straatfotografie /// street photography

Zomercarnanaval Rotterdam [2016]

Parijs /// Paris after the 13/11 attacks [2015]

Napels [2015]


KirgiziŽ /// Kyrgyzstan [2013]

Rotterdam Biebermania [2011]

Tattoo Conventions

Athene /// Athens [2012]


A girl in a demonstration Shop employees were forced to choose: accept a salary cut of 50 percent, or get fired A square dominated by the fascist thugs of the extreem right Golden Dawn party. Immigrants were not safe in this spot Some people could barely control their emotions duting heated debates about the economic crisis that hit Greece As Greek media reported the suicide, more and more people showed up Within hours people began pinning messages of solidarity on the tree A blood stain next to a tree on Syntagma Square, marking the spot where a 77-year old pensioner shot himself This bank was firebombed so often they had to keep the metal protection screens. Pirraeus